A QA/Test Framework for MLOps

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6:30PM - 7:30PM EST
River Grove CC, Susan Burt Arts Studio | 5800 River Grove Ave, Mississauga, ON L5M 4R8 | FREE PARKING

Rob Virdee

Rob has over 2 decades worth of ITQA leadership and expertise and is currently a Senior DevOps-Agility Leader & Coach in the Southern Ontario region. He also serves this region's ITQA community as VP of TASSQ and is active in thought leadership for QAOps and QA within MLOPs. Please feel free to follow or connect with Rob.

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Join Rob Virdee, Vice President of TASSQ VP as he discusses and showcases how to application of a QA concepts to Machine Learning models and MLOps pipelines.

Topics will include:

  • What to consider for AI/ML- vs traditional Software- testing
  • The challenges of trying to test ML models.
  • What core QA practices are applicable?
  • Pre- and post- Train testing
  • Visualizing the MLOps QA workflow

Why you should attend:

Not sure how to guide your Data Science and Data Engineering teams on how to infuse better quality into their models and pipelines? This seminar will provide insight and ideas on what this might look like.

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