Test Tools; The Promise and the Reality

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6:00PM EST
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Neil Price-Jones

Neil Price-Jones has 35 years-experience in Software Quality Assurance in Financial, Utilities, Health Care, Retail, and Software Development including test automation and test management. Most recently he has supplied Maturity Assessments to Health Care, Quality Assurance Management to High Risk Utilities projects, and consulting on the implementation of Quality Assurance to companies looking to improve their Process Maturity.

In 1993, Neil founded NVP Software Testing to provide Quality Assurance Assessments, Coaching, Consulting, Management, and Training. He has made presentations to many software quality organizations including the ASQ, ISACA, KWSQA, MoT, PMAC, PMI, SWOSQG, and TASSQ and at Software Conferences in Canada and the United States (QUEST, TesTrek, & StarCanada).

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Test Tools have always held out a promise of doing many tasks for testers. There has been a lot of strides and a lot of progress but there always seems to be a long way to go. There is also a trade off between the cost to automate and the return. Join us online as we look at the past, the promise, the reality and the future.

This event is now closed to registrations.