Growth Mindset

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6:00PM EST
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Navdeep Jassi

Navdeep Jassi is a renowned global engineering leader currently serving as the director of engineering in the medical device manufacturing industry. Well-known for his unwavering advocacy for mental wellness and emotional intelligence, Navdeep Jassi has made it his mission to put people at the center of everything he does. With over a decade of experience in the field, he is an active member of prestigious professional associations such as Professional Engineering Ontario (PEO), Project Management Institute (PMI), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).

As an accredited coach in emotional intelligence, Navdeep Jassi is committed to sharing his expertise and helping individuals tap into their potential to achieve greater career success. He is also an experienced mentor at the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council, where he dedicates his time to guiding new immigrants on their professional journeys. Navdeep Jassi's overarching life goal is to empower individuals to recognize their personal worth and focus on their growth.

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We live in an incredibly hectic and easily distracted era, where our daily routines and surroundings often confine us to a narrow perspective. Certain individuals adopt a stagnant mindset, resulting in an average existence. On the other hand, those who embrace a growth mindset open themselves to the vast world beyond their immediate surroundings, experiencing exponential personal growth. By making subtle adjustments in how we engage our minds, we can significantly transform our lives and positively impact those around us. Join this webinar and embark on a transformative journey toward cultivating a growth mindset.

This event is now closed to registrations.