Managing AI Risks is More Important Than Ever

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Abhinav Tiwari

Abhinav brings over two decades of experience as a digital and technology transformation leader and has led multiple management and technology strategies for global Fortune 500 organizations across Public Services, Utilities, Energy, Mining, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Retail industries. He has a proven track record of harnessing the fourth industrial revolution, converting disruptive concepts into leading-edge digital products, and generating repeatable and scalable commercial success. Abhinav has been a public speaker, an active researcher, and intellectual property generator in public services, energy, healthcare, and emerging technologies to support Industry 4.0 transformation.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly proliferating, and we have witnessed AI-augmented decision-making around us in recent years. However, it is often difficult to articulate all the challenges and benefits of using AI in a specific scenario, and it is unclear whether AI brings the intended value compared to its associated risks. In a real-world AI-based system, the intention to manage AI risks makes a significant positive impact. This discussion will cover some critical aspects of AI-based systems and managing associated risks.

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