5 QA metrics that have no value (and 5 that have a lot of value)

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Jeremy Berriault

A thought leader with over 25 years of experience in multiple technology industries and disciplines. His primary focus is on increasing value through coaching, teaching or in a collaborative environment by using the following guiding principles in all initiatives: quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Someone who loves to tackle any problem so that he can help organizations determine the root cause of their issues and identify the right solution for them. Unlike others that will treat symptoms where frustrations are alleviated for a short time only to rise again when issues resurface, he goes in deep with surgical precision to find the true cause and help create a lasting solution for everyone.

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Quality Assurance is about finding issues and helping resolve them. To do that, one of the key tools used is METRICS. Using metrics allows for emotions to be taken out of the equation, because it is all about the numbers and numbers don't lie.

Now the issue is: are you using the right numbers to get to the truth of what is going on, or are you using metrics that have no real value. The problem is that over the decades of QA metrics some of them have been ingrained into organizations that they are needed and tell a story on how well things are going. In some cases those low value metrics could give the audience an idea and have them make a decision, but there is a strong probability that the decision will not really make any positive change.

This session, we will go through a set of regularly used metrics that have little to no value for any organization, as well as five sets of metrics that can help make positive changes and continuous improvement.

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