Why and How to adopt BDD in Software Development

6:00 p.m.

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Event Date - 2019-03-26
Event Time - 6:00 p.m.
Event Location - The Albany Club - 91 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

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Rob Ashall

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Rob Ashall brings over 25 years of selling and supporting software testing solutions to Canadian businesses. As a partner at Softworx, he is focused on bringing best-in-class enterprise-level Dev/Test software to development, QA and performance teams to enable easier and faster testing and higher quality software being released. Rob is involved with companies as they deploy Parasoft solutions for automated language and functional testing and with Conformiq for test case and test script generation.

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Speaker: Rob Ashall

Over the past several years, many organizations have transitioned to agile development in order to accelerate delivery and get more timely feedback from the market. In these organizations, while development begins to move faster, QA will struggle to keep pace unless they integrate automated software testing practices into the development pipeline. Accelerating software development and ensuring software quality with automated continuous testing is a great achievement, but it’s all for naught if the software isn’t what your customers want or need.

Folks at this stage in their software development processes evolution are taking a close look at BDD (Behavior-Driven-Development) as a means of ensuring that their software meets their organization’s business requirements. But what exactly is BDD and how does it pertain to testing?