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Johnston Harris

Johnston Harris is the CEO & Co-Founder of Appsurify, Inc. He recently moved to Nashville, TN, from Washington, D.C., bringing the company along with him. He's held various executive roles at Dell and Adobe, as well as with several Startups that were formerly acquired (AppAssure: acquired by Dell. Cloudistics: acquired by Fungible). He holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Georgetown University. Outside of work, Johnston holds a strong appreciation for surfing, yoga and spending time on the water.

Appsurify is backed by Panoramic Ventures out of Atlanta, GA (early backers of Tricentis, Cypress.io, and Kobiton).

Please connect with Johnston on LinkedIn: Johnston Harris, Appsurify

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Does Software Testing regularly hold things up? In this talk, Johnston Harris will show how Automatic Risk Based Testing helps QA Teams alleviate common pain points, such as Slow Test Cycles, Flaky Tests, Lengthy Overnight Testing, Delayed Feedback, and Missed Releases.

Risk Based Testing allows your team to automatically select and execute only the few tests impacted by recent code changes on a Per Commit Basis, rather than run the full test suite of mostly unaffected tests.

Accelerate automation test completion time by 10x, thereby; tightening the feedback loop between QA and Development to catch bugs earlier, Shift Left, and deploy faster with more confidence.

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