The Top Testing Trends for 2022

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Arthur Hicken

Arthur Hicken, Evangelist, Parasoft

Arthur has been involved in automating various practices at Parasoft for over 20 years. He has worked on various projects involving the software development lifecycle, software security, complex web applications, and integration with legacy systems. Arthur has helped IT departments at Cisco, Vanguard, Motorola, and other major companies improve their software development practices. Arthur taught at the College of DuPage in Illinois, as well as developed and conducted numerous technical training courses at Parasoft. As an expert in his field, Arthur’s insights regarding website quality issues have appeared in Business 2.0, Internet Week, and CNET

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Global conditions have impacted how software is being built with accelerated digital transformation, increased cybersecurity and higher adoption of modern iterative practices. The work-from-home trend has impacted the relative importance of software testing practices like application performance testing, scalability, security, and software resilience. Additionally there is a trend toward treating nonfunctional requirements with the same importance as functional so they will not create ongoing issues in your organization in safety, security, reliability, or quality.

Test automation is key to keeping pace in this environment, product better software at the pace of your competitors. Testing tools are necessary to take your strategy forward and achieve testing maturity, but making sure that they work effectively in your CI/CD environment is crucial to success.

Learn why you should:

  • Ensure nonfunctional requirements get higher priority.
  • Shift API security testing earlier in the development cycle.
  • Determine what tools are necessary to reach your CI/CD goals.