Balancing Manual and Automated Tests: Finding the Right Mix

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Damon Paul

Damon Paul is a Quality Engineer at mabl who loves nothing more than to empower humans with technology and knowledge. With experience as both a Manual QA Specialist and QA Automation Engineer, Damon contributes to mabl's own strategy and testing of mabl on mabl. They have also held roles as a Support Engineer and Solutions Engineer and are experienced in quickly understanding a team's testing needs and guiding them toward the testing practices that work best for them.

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Manual testing has long been the cornerstone of software quality, relying on the expertise of software testers to ensure an excellent user experience. However, high-velocity teams often struggle to keep up with frequent releases, demanding a hybrid or even fully automated approach. To manage, quality teams are turning to low-code test automation solutions. But, the line between what to automate and what to test manually is blurred. Understanding the role of each - and their impact on UX - is critical to building an effective quality strategy. In this session, Damon will explore ways to combine manual and automated functional testing to create a high-impact quality engineering strategy. Attendees will hear about how to:

  • Connect your strategy back to the user experience
  • Balance the roles of automated and manual tests
  • Leverage low-code test automation in your quality strategy

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