Generating Risks from the Quality Aspects

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12:00 noon EST
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Beren Van Daele

Beren is a freelance quality consultant from Belgium. He has experience in testing, product ownership & leadership. He's worked for government-, bank-, startup- and healthcare projects. Currently he's helping a team of 10 gradually grow into a scaleup.

In the past few years, he's been trying to bring back risk analysis and management into agile projects in a lightweight and valuable way.

With RiskStorming, he's traveled Europe, bringing training and workshops to a score of software crafters.

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Speaker: Beren van Daele

  1. Introductions
  2. Why TestSphere & RiskStorming
  3. The product under test
  4. Phase 1: Selecting important Quality Aspects
  5. Phase 2: Generating Risks from the Quality Aspects in relation to the product
  6. Phase 3: Risk mitigating activities
  7. What comes after?
  8. Questions
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