QA Guilds, True Agile and the Spotify Model


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Event Date - 2020-05-26
Event Time - 6:15pm
Event Location - GoToMeeting

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Richard Strang

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Richard Strang has 25 years of software quality assurance experience. He considers himself a professional tester. Starting in the test automation tools space immediately after university graduation, he has worked with a broad array of organizations as a tester, QA Manager, QA Architect, QA Process Specialist, & now as a QA Guild Leader. Richard has been CSTE certified since 2011. 

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Due to the current situation with Coronavirus and need for social distancing, the TASSQ board has decided, to continue sharing knowledge and support the QA community, to make the May 26 conference a free online event!

Speaker: Richard Strang

In 2018, Element Fleet Management committed to implementing "True Agile" into their entire software development organization. With the assistance of Boston Consulting Group, they embraced the "Spotify Model" of Agile which includes organizing Guilds for each role on the Squad.

In early 2019, Richard Strang was hired as the QA Guild Leader for Element. He found an organization with the will, but not the experience to best apply the Agile Principles into their software development processes. Over the last year, Richard has instituted a QA Guild at Element that endeavors to provide a forum for the 90+ testers currently working at Element to discuss the projects, practices, tools, and strategies that we all need to provide a quality service to our clients.

You are invited to attend a model QA Guild Meeting where we will discuss typical topics that come up with the testers currently working at Element. Richard will also present his experience and challenges implementing a QA Guild in an enthusiastic but inexperienced organization.

(The registered audience will receive details of the GoToMeeting Conference on May 25)