Parasoft Virtualize Training - 2 Days Course

9:00 am
The Albany Club - 91 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Venkata Penmetsa

Venkata Penmetsa is a Solution Architect from Parasoft with over 10 years of experience in Software Tools Development, Test Automation, Enterprise Product Technical Sales, Support and Training. He is a product specialist for SOAtest, Virtualize and Jtest, based out in Toronto, in Canada. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Post-Graduation in Global Business Management

Venkata has experience working with eCommerce, banking, insurance, telecom and government clients across North America. He is a strong customer advocate and a firm believer in enhancing business value and reducing time to market through the adoption of enterprise grade software development tools.

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Update from March 13: considering the continuing news regarding the coronavirus, and in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities regarding public gatherings in Ontario, TASSQ has decided to cancel this event. Existing registrations will be refunded in the coming days. We are continuously monitoring the situation, if there are further postponements or cancellations we will communicate accordingly. Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we do our part to help flatten the curve.

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  • Venkata Penmetsa


  • The Parasoft Virtualize Training course covers basic and intermediate skills necessary to get acquainted with Parasoft Virtualize including real-life examples of SOAP/REST services, which the students will follow on their workstations. The examples are selected to showcase capabilities of Parasoft Virtualize to control virtual service response behavior and performance.
  • Students will learn service virtualization fundamentals, the application of Parasoft Virtualize for creating, configuring, and managing complex virtual assets to simulate the required components within the client’s infrastructure
  • Delivered by a Parasoft Technical Consultant, it is a fast and convenient way to learn the functionality of Virtualize for Service and Database Virtualization.


  • Students attending the course should have strong problem-solving skills and an understanding of debugging (logical approach to problem solving and debugging), XML, JSON, and Web Services familiarity with any special topics requested for the training such as WS-Security, JMS, EJB, etc.
  • Students are required to bring their own workstations
  • Google Chrome Browser installed on the workstations


  • Equip teams with the Parasoft Virtualize skills necessary to be highly productive
  • Enable teams new to service virtualization to effectively simulate API behavior
  • Improve service virtualization competency for teams with previous service virtualization experience
  • Understanding how to best engage in supporting application teams with virtual services

Training Curriculum 

Day 1 - April 6 2020 

  • Understanding Application Behavior Virtualization and related integration and messaging technologies
    • Understanding Service Virtualization concepts
    • Gathering virtualization behavior requirements
  • Introduction to Virtualize
  • Virtualize Interface 
  • Parasoft Virtualize components
  • Creating your First Asset
  • Understanding and Working with Message Proxies
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Creating Assets from Traffic
  • Creating Assets from a Service Definitions
  • Configuring Assets for Dynamic Responses
    • Correlating messages
    • Using data sources to correlate responses with dynamic values
    • Passing values from the request to the response
    • Use of scripted extensions to customize behavior
  • Building stateful virtual assets
  • Setting Performance Profiles
  • Use of Parasoft SOAtest with Parasoft Virtualize
    • To help model and adjust virtual asset behavior
    • Execute use case scenarios on the application under test to generate traffic
    • Create and run tests and monitor Parasoft Virtualize events

Day 2 - April 7, 2020 

  • Database virtualization
    • Deploying and configuring the Parasoft JDBC proxy driver
    • Recording JDBC interactions
    • Generating database virtual assets with SQL responders
    • Maintaining and modifying result set data with Excel
  • Understanding XPath
  • Data Management strategies
  • Working with Secure Services
  • Capturing and modeling virtual assets for JMS and MQ connections
  • Creating Hierarchical XML Data from Excel
  • Persisting and versioning asset definitions in a change management system

Overflow Topics (Optional) 

The following topics may be demonstrated if there is extra time, and interest from the audience.

  • API Test Automation with Parasoft SOAtest
  • Environment Manager Concepts and Terminology
  • Systems and Environments; versioning and defining for re-use
  • Connecting to and managing Parasoft Virtualize Servers
  • Using Environment Manager to provision Test Environments and Virtual Assets
  • Environment Manager defined roles and artifact access control


This program is limited to up to 12 participants.

  • Technical Leads / Architects
  • Web Service/SOA Developers
  • QA and Test Engineers
  • Performance Engineers


This program is for 2 consecutive days (8 hours/day) of training


Printable Training Guide that outlines Parasoft Virtualize topics.


Regular price $950, non TASSQ member

Regular price $875, TASSQ member

Early bird pricing $900, non TASSQ member (Valid until March 13, 2020)

Early bird pricing $850, TASSQ member (Valid until March 13,2020)