Create an effective mobile testing strategy in an ever-evolving technical environment

6:00 p.m.

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Event Date - 2019-02-26
Event Time - 6:00 p.m.
Event Location - The Albany Club - 91 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

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Johanna Castro

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I am QA  Advisor, I thrive in rapidly growing and passionate about innovative technology. I embrace curiosity. My core expertise is to provide pragmatic advices and highly customized software testing solutions to significantly enhance the performance of the Software Development Life Cycle as well as improving the user experience on your digital products.

Therefore StarDust-testing, the trusted Quality Assurance /testing company contributes to my self-fulfillment.

Born in France and raised across the world, which has strengthened my open-mindedness.
Authentic and people centric person, I care about helping individuals from the heart and soul, streamline your workflow and power up your productivity.

I am an active listener, each people and organization's problems are unique, with different team’s priorities and need, resources and mindset and I always take that into account to solve your pain points. 
My entire focus is helping management find alignment between people, strategy and purpose in their company. I am committed to your success.

I collaborate with leaders, highly-skilled QA talents, CTO, IT managers and I am grateful for their trust, as Stephen M.R. Covey says, “Trust is the one thing that changes everything''. 

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Speaker: Johanna Castro

The performance of an app and website is tied to its ability to operate across various configurations. Each configuration acts like an individual layer the app must pass through before reaching the end user. The most important layers it must contend with are the operating system, the specific version of the operating system, smartphone model, and screen size. Each layer an app encounters can influence its performance and user experience.

Operating across a variety of configurations is essential for apps given the huge fragmentation of a diverse smartphone market in terms of models, operating systems, and more. 

- Testing across multiple configurations 

- Mobile testing to stay competitive 

- The effects of Fragmentation 

- Emulators/ Simulators / Real devices

- How to select the most relevant devices configurations

- Case : Iphone X and its impact on your digital products (Eg. Google map, Mc Donald's, Amazon, Spotify) 

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