Developing Agile Maturity. An Agile Coach’s Perspective

The Albany Club - 91 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Nico Gonzalez

Nico's expertise and passion for innovation and experimentation effectively materializes the art of the possible into tangible business value. He holds unique expertise in the fields of Innovation Strategy, Design Thinking, User Experience and Agile Delivery.

Nico is a leader and subject matter expert in helping enterprise understand how to integrate validated learning principles into their organizations leveraging Agile, Lean Startup and other modern value delivery principles. Some of his previous roles include being a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital where he helped many clients in both the public and private sector.

He is an active leader in Singularity University Canada, SIGGRAPH as well as TEDx. Nico earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Master’s in Engineering Science.

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Document Name - TASSQ - Developing Agile Maturity - An Agile Coach's Perspective
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Speaker: Nico Gonzalez

Topic: Developing Agile Maturity. An Agile Coach’s Perspective

As Agile coaches we are empowered to transform organizations into becoming more efficient and to focus on value delivery. Correlating specific mindsets and behaviors to agile maturity allows us to focus on specific areas of impact and organize a custom coaching approach.
- Agile 101 
- Agile Maturity Dimensions
- The Agile Maturity Model
- A Simple Lean Change Canvas
- Maturity Flow Using the Lean Change Canvas
- Case Study: Improving an Agile team’s QA process via the “Three Amigo” approach, Spec by Example and Cross functional teams.
- Q&A