Redefining Testing in the Cloud and AI Era

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Parasar Saha

Parasar Saha is the Founder and CEO of Digy4, a universal platform offering cutting-edge solutions for Enterprise-level Quality Engineering tailored to meet diverse organizational QE needs. Based out of Mississauga, Canada, Parasar leads Digy4 in providing innovative solutions in the field of Quality Engineering.

With over 22 years of extensive experience in all aspects of Quality Engineering, from operations to people to technology, Parasar has a proven track record in product development and architecting next-generation enterprise automation platforms. Prior to founding Digy4, he held significant roles including Director of QA at SOTI, Head of QE Centre of Excellence, and Enterprise Automation Architect at Air Canada.

Parasar is also recognized as an AI evangelist in Quality Engineering, leveraging AI technologies to enhance testing processes. He is a founding member of the Canadian Quality and Testing Association, advocating for excellence and best practices in quality assurance and testing within Canada and globally. Parasar is a sought-after global speaker and thought leader in Quality Engineering, contributing significantly to advancements in QA practices.

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  • Are one or more of these your challenges or interest?
  • Wondering how to leverage the power of AI to enhance your software testing efforts?
  • Do you face a fragmented test management process?
  • Are inefficiencies in software delivery due to a lack of continuous testing holding you back?
  • Are you struggling with poor reporting that hampers decision-making?
  • Do product launch delays stem from unoptimized testing processes?
  • Are bugs and flaky tests posing challenges to your development cycle?
  • Are you unsure if you are tracking the right metrics for effective testing?
  • Join us to discover how DigyCloud can help!

Welcome to DigyCloud, an innovative platform designed to transform how we approach testing in the cloud era. With 40+ integrations across project management, test management, code repositories, testing tools, and more, DigyCloud eliminates the complexity of disparate frameworks and tools in silos. It seamlessly transitions you to platform engineering in testing on the cloud, using AI to cluster your data and optimize efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Scale: Scale your automation without worrying about integration, pipeline creation or reporting.
  • Accelerate: Accelerate your testing response with continuous guard rail of targeted tests for each code check-in
  • Analyze: Get to root cause in half of the time and increase efficiency.
  • Report: Report all of quality in the enterprise into a single Pane
  • AI Adoption: Use AI to analyze, communicate and control testing, powered by DigyAI and DigyCloud Data warehouse.

Simplify Testing. Amplify Results - Know how clients around the globe are pivoting their QE with universal cloud of testing - DigyCloud.

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