Avoiding common pitfalls while implementing BDD

6:15 p.m.

Bernd Bornhausen

Bernd Bornhausen is the Director of Quality Assurance at Logibec, a leader in the development and implementation of IT ecosystems in healthcare.

He has almost 25 years experience in information technology, his entire professional life, and he dedicated the last 15+ years to Software Quality Assurance. Working for international companies in three different countries, Germany, Switzerland and now Canada, has allowed him to gather a vast experience that he is eager to share with the testing community.

Bernd was speaker at several test conferences and has been nominated judge for the North American Software Testing Awards in 2019 and 2020 and now for the India Testing Awards 2020.

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Speaker: Bernd Bornhausen

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a very powerful tool when implemented correctly; if not, it becomes a nightmare.
Organizations are driven by the buzz words around BDD: shift-left, test-driven, code reuse, clarity, automation; to name just a few. While these are some of the benefits of BDD, they can only be realized when implementing BDD correctly; and that means organizations have to not only understand what BDD is, and what it is not, but they also have to plan properly.

In this talk, Bernd Bornhausen will describe some of the common pitfalls an organization can encounter while implementing BDD. These can be encountered at the organizational level, the team level – not talking about the test team here – , at the individual level as well as at the technical level.