AGILE PRACTICES AND TESTING: The Art & Science of Testing the Unknown.

6:15 p.m.

Ardita Karaj

Ardita Karaj is a passionate coach, trainer, and change agent, experienced in Product Management, Business improvement and Lean-Startup.

She started her career as a software engineer and in 20 years of experience has worked with multiple organizations from start-ups to government entities helping them to accomplish their transformational goals. She believes in using technology as a competitive advantage, however, success is achieved when business and technology come together and work closely in the same direction.

She founded Industrial Logic Canada offering professional services with a focus on continuous delivery.

Ardita shares her experiences and her vision by speaking at conferences in Canada and internationally. She enthusiastically organizes group practices and professional communities for sharing innovative ideas.

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Due to the current situation with Coronavirus the TASSQ Board has decided to continue with monthly free online events until December 2020, in support of the QA community!

Guest Speaker: Ardita Karaj, Agile Coach and Trainer.

Testing what we know, or have a clear understanding of, is relatively straight forward, as is making decisions based on the expected result. But today’s world is presenting us with the Unknown and the Ambiguous, which can only be approached by hypothesizing and experimenting - a lot! This requires intentional thinking, and a different strategy to observe in context.

This session will uncover how testers are helping their teams and product owners, by basing their testing on the science behind creating hypotheses and running experiments. A testing mindset and probing the context around use cases are some of the most valuable competencies testers bring to the team in order to enable decisions based on data.